Got a budding architect at home…this could be just for them

Most architects who are parents have thought, at some point, about designing and building toys for their children. Paula Zasnicoff, a partner at Arquitetos Associados, along with designer Andrea Gomes, decided to go for it and created the Bubud brand.

Zasnicoff, an architect and, most importantly, mother to Ana, likes to invent. As she searched for her three-year-old daughter’s first dollhouse, she turned the quest into something fun; she designed and produced a unique toy that continues being a hit in the house. Her inventions haven’t stopped and she keeps designing toys for Ana and her friends.

Gomes, a graphic designer, and Paula’s close friend and partner, has two of her own daughters: Lina and Rosa. She suggested that their brand to be called Bubud--a magical word made up by Ana when she was only five to refer to all the interesting, fascinating and special things in her developing universe.

Paula and Andrea created Bubud by producing toys that are inspired by the architecture and design universe, and by developing authorial objects which are popular with all age ranges, from toddlers to adults. Bubud‘s first collection includes small architectural items to assemble and tinker with. Laser cut MDF kits spawn little houses and furniture that have been created with special care.

The combined forces of these professionals’ amazingly creative know-how produce toys that invite us to explore colors, shades, shapes, textures, sizes, combinations, possibilities in a playful, intelligent and intense way. We develop abilities regarding perception, creation, interaction, interpretation and relation with the external world through play at an early age.

Throughout the development they elaborate and experience the relationship with space, people, objects and environments. Bubud invites users to invent and play. Even just by drawing, assembling and building houses and items, you can create passionate tales that endure. Like the girl who called everything special and amazing “Bubud”.

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