gama has reason to celebrate

March is shaping up as an eventful month in the calendar as it sees gama consulting celebrating its third birthday.

The Kent Town based consultancy prides itself on offering a fresh approach to structural engineering within the residential, commercial and industrial sectors and has now grown to employ around ten full time staff.

“Employing the right staff is really important. If you have the right team behind you, which we are fortunate to have, then you have every opportunity to build and run a successful business,” Matthew Mammone, gama consulting joint director explains.

“After deciding that we needed a challenge in our careers and with the support of our families, we went on to pursue our dream of starting our own consultancy.

“Our aim was to offer a service and a product that people in the industry would respect and enjoy and create something we would get a kick out of too.”

“Fortunately, the growth we’ve seen and the feedback that we’re receiving is that people are liking and appreciating what we’re doing,” Gabby Stracci, gama consulting joint director explains.

And while one of the business goals was to create work life balance, Matthew explains with a smile, “That has been questionable, especially with a young family!”

He also tells that, “One of the greatest things about gama is being able to make decisions about how the business is run and moves forward without having to jump through too many hoops.”

While being a business owner has many positives, Matthew and Gabby explain, “Adelaide is probably one of the most challenging places to start and run a business in the current economy. We have been extremely fortunate to work with some amazing businesses and clients to build our business from the ground up.

“You’re never quite sure how it’s going to play out, so getting through our first three years has been a great achievement. “It doesn’t mean that the foots been taken off the pedal though!”

Matthew also recalls the challenges of running a start-up business. “I remember I had a ‘wake up’ moment when we first opened our doors. I was sitting in the office, typing up my first inspection report when I had the realisation that it was up to Gabby and myself to push as much as we wanted.”

Gabby goes onto explain that it’s very much a relationship-based industry. “It’s obviously about providing our clients with a quality service and product and putting our vision into practice by setting a plan and then having the support around us to grow the business.

“Each job we work on receives the same high level of attention to detail and follow through. Client communication is a big focus for us.”

When asked how they define success, Gabby explains, “I think if we’re happy and our staff are happy then you’re on your way to achieving success.”

And as for the future of gama consulting, Gabby and Matthew explain, “We’re working on our internal processes and at the same time hoping to showcase some of the work we’re doing through our website and online channels.

“Our aim is to keep our heads down, keep working hard and enjoying ourselves as a team.”

gama consulting offers a fresh approach to structural engineering within the residential and commercial sectors. To find out more about the range of services, visit or call 08 7123 4050