Supporting mens' health through Movember

We are proud to support Movember, the only charity tackling men’s health on a global scale, all year round.

The organisation has one goal: to stop men dying too young.

Thankyou all for your donations and to our staff Matt, Peter and Jim for leading the way with their Movember moustaches!

Thank you – together we are changing the face of men's health.

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About Movember

In 2003, two mates from Melbourne were having a quiet beer when their conversation turned to recurring fashion trends.

The moustache, a fixture in past decades, was nowhere to be seen. They joked about bringing it back They decided to talk their other friends into growing a Mo. Inspired by a mate’s mum who was fundraising for breast cancer at the time, they decided to make their efforts about men’s health and prostate cancer.

They designed the rules of Movember (which are still in place today) and agreed to charge ten dollars to grow a Mo. They found 30 guys willing to take up the challenge. Those first 30 Mo Bros grew their moustaches with such enthusiasm that in 2004 a decision was made to formalise the concept and get all participants growing for a cause.

Since then, Movember has created a men’s health movement of more than 5 million supporters around the world. We’ve funded 1,250+ (and counting) men’s health projects across 20 countries, such as TrueNTH Prostate Cancer and TrueNTH Testicular Cancer, which put tools like decision support, lifestyle management, and symptom tracking into the hands of men who need it.

Movember is one of the largest nongovernment investors in research and quality-of-life initiatives for men that impact the global population. In 2018, NGO Advisor ranked Movember 45th out of the top 500 NGOs worldwide.